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About Me

Hyounsik (Andrew) Noh

Hyounsik Noh completed his undergraduate studies at Penn State
University where he achieved a GPA of 3.64 on route to his Bachelor of Science
(BSc) in Enterprise Risk Management with a minor in math. From there Hyounsik
began pursuing his masters degree at internationally recognized Ivy league Columbia
University in Upper Manhattan, New York. Currently, Hyounsik is in the
middle of the graduate program where he is currently sitting as the project
manager for the Korean Graduate Student Association on campus. Hyounsik has a
estimated graduation date of December, 2019.


Hyounsik, a native of South Korea, came to the United States
in 2012 to pursue is undergraduate degree. During his undergraduate studies,
Hyounsik had to go back home to complete his mandatory military service. Prior
to completing his studies at Penn State University Hyounsik worked as Treasurer
at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency where he was responsible for managing a
$2 million budget, compiling financial reports, overseeing the accounts payable
of over 200 soldiers, unit expenses, and supplies. Furthermore, in 2016, Hyounsik was awarded
the prestigious title of Best Base which recognizes the administrator who was
seen as contributing the greatest efforts and results for a single base.

During his downtime, Hyounsik likes to hang out on campus
with his friends. He loves to be active, for instance, you can catch Hyounsik playing badminton, or when the weather permits it, surfing. During
his tenure in college he won first prize in a badminton tournament. When asked
what he likes about the sport he stated, “I like how it keeps my body active
but also encourages precision and thoughtfulness”. He has been described by his
friends as a passionate, ambitious, and hard-working guy.